In the Rozanji temple in Kyoto, Japan is a carved wooden image dating from 938AD of a meditating Buddha seated on a lotus blossom.  In front of him are three little monkeys, one with its hands over its eyes, another over its ears, and the third covering its mouth.  The first one says: " I do not see evil and folly."  The second one: "I do not hear them." and the third: "I do not speak them." In the same way, the wise are prudent in what they look at, in what they listen to, and in what they say. In our work and collaborations, we bring together diverse talents and frames of reference to converse and develop actions and enquiries that produce visually engaging images that emotionally connect and motivate people to participate, seek new meaning and change their worlds.

Executive producer: Carl Grinter

Carl Grinter

Carl Grinter is a respected live action, animation, visual effects and post production producer having worked in the London film network for the past 25 years. A forward thinking and exceptionally knowledgeable producer, Carl’s long-standing and immersive career has focused on all areas of the commercial film-making supply chain and subsequently he has a potent contact book including some of the best practitioners this industry has to offer.

Previously Director of Production and Commercial Director at long-established Rushes Postproduction, Carl worked across feature film, broadcast, digital content and commercials for 11 years for the leading London production & post production facility house, part of the Global Deluxe Group of Companies. Prior to this he ran Red Post Production for 10 years as managing director, producing animation, motion graphics and visual effects with a creative team of 45 artists. His career started in 2D animation at Hibbert Ralph Animation learning live action, 2D and 3D animation production and film visual effects.

He has been lucky enough to experience and be a part of the innovation and disruption that computer technology, digital film, interactivity and the internet are bringing to the realisation of ideas for communication and storytelling.

CTO: Matt Leatherbarrow


Graduating from UCCA Farnham with a BA Honours degree in Film Production in 2007 Matt quickly pivoted to pursue a career in programming and its integration with moving media.

Now with nearly a decade of experience in building digital experiences Matt has accrued considerable domain knowledge in Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, app building and content generation. He is an insightful creative who not only understands the technical parameters within which creativity must press in order to creative unique and exciting experiences but he is also a great visualiser and knows what looks great and works from both an emotional and behavioural perspective.

Matt is a self taught programmer having written production code in Objective-C, C, C++., C#, Java Script and Lua. He has worked with the major mobile development platforms and has technical expertise across numerous SDK’s including iOS, Android, Unity 3D, Metaio, Total Immersion, the Oculus SDK and Unity 3D.

While Matt still enjoys programming it is in his role as CTO where his leadership skills are honed in combining technical know–how with great ideas and insightful participation for the user. Having lead teams of designers and programmers to deliver high quality - award winning - digital projects; Matt is ideally suited to access a project from a technical production and creative perspective. Matt has developed an acute sense of which technologies to use for a given brief and how best to shape a product, as well as the way it should look in collaboration with artists, designers, agencies and clients alike.

Interactive Guru: Steve Dann

Steve Dann

Steve is a regular writer and contributor to media blogs, and a thought-leader in the digital media and augmented reality sectors. We make no apology for describing him as an Interactive Guru and Augmented & Virtual Reality Evangelist. As such, Steve is our wise monkey leading strategic and commercial activity of the drive into Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

With over 30 years experience within the Broadcast Post Production & VFX sector, Steve initially trained as a film editor before co-founding VTR Plc which eventually became one of Europe's largest creative post production groups. His unrivalled in-depth knowledge of creative and technical possibilities has secured collaborations with International Broadcasters, Independent Production Companies, Digital Agencies and the Corporate Media Production sectors.

Proactively playing a key role in the education and promotion of AR & VR, Steve is the founder and organiser of two Meetup Groups, the Augmenting Reality Meetup Group, which meets to discuss, view and demonstrate the latest innovations in both AR & VR and how we can best drive these industries forward, and also the Soho Post Production and VFX Meetup Group which is dedicated to promoting and expanding the knowledge of our industry. He is a regular speaker on the subject of AR and new technology at conferences and events.